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Facebook blocks more Ukrainian users

Activists accuse the social network of ignoring anti-Ukrainian posts

UkraineTOPnews: Facebook blocks more Ukrainian users

More than a hundred Ukrainian users of Facebook were blocked on May 18 for 'inappropriate content' or without an explanation. Popular Ukrainian bloggers and activists like Vakhtang Kipiani or Alexander Roytburg were blocked together with MP Borislav Bereza.

Ukrainian media Watcher conducted an experiment, lodging complaints on some Facebook posts containing anti-Ukrainian messages. One of them was an interview with a pro-Russian militiant, in which he says that their forces were coming to kill Ukrainians. Responding to the complaint, the Facebook administration said that the content does not violate their 'Community Standards'.
UkraineTOPnews: Facebook blocks more Ukrainian users
UkraineTOPnews: Facebook blocks more Ukrainian users
On the other hand, Ukrainian MP Borislav Bereza was banned for a post in which he called on the EU and UN to pay their attention to the interview of the recently captured Russian soldiers.
UkraineTOPnews: Facebook blocks more Ukrainian users
Maksim Savanevsky, the managing partner of digital agency PlusOne and co-founder of Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre said:

'The Facebook administration has lagged behind the reality. It looks like neither Mark Zuckerberg, nor his team have heard about hybrid wars. They continue to think in the field of funny pictures and kittens, while thousands of people die in Ukraine.

The Facebook administration refuses to recognize that their complaints system is imperfect and has a lot of bugs, which are used by the Russian secret services to block thousands of Ukrainian users. At least fifty percent of popular Ukrainian activists have been blocked at least once in the last 3 months.

Instead of fixing the system, Zuckerberg tells us that their system works perfectly and Ukrainians have to blame themselves for being blocked.'

A week ago, thousands of Ukrainian users signed a petition to Mark Zuckerberg, asking to open a Ukrainian office of Facebook because of the unfair moderation of Ukrainian posts. During the Q&A session, the Facebook CEO commented that the company had no plans to open a Ukrainian (or Russian) office. He believes the moderation of posts is totally fair and all the posts were deleted justly.
ФБ де-факто в дни майдана очень выручмл нас. За это спасибо. То, что происходит последние полгода - это явное безразличие ФБ к рассейской агрессии в Украине в угоду своему нежеланию потерять хоть копеечку от (возможной) обиды путинской власти и егойного закрытия на рассее. Позор мелочному американскому жлобу Сахарбергу (Слова Цукор он не достоин)

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