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Бенджамин Биддер ответил лживой Лене Бондаренко: "Dear Yelena Bondarenko, shut the fuck up"

Originally posted by v_n_zb at Бенджамин Биддер ответил лживой Лене Бондаренко: "Dear Yelena Bondarenko, shut the fuck up"
В продолжение тем
"И все-таки нам необходима хорошая память - такое забывать нельзя"

"Лена Бондаренко: Я говорила, что надо жестче разгонять? Нет, это не я, это Янукович!"

Как изестно, депутатша Бондаренко обвинила немецкого журналиста Бенджамина Биддера в том, что тот исказил ее слова о ситуации в Украине, приписав ей какие-то кровожадные высказывания.
Произошло это якобы из-за незнания "фашистом" русского языка (хотя Биддер прекрасно владеет русским).

Журналист ответил Бондаренко на своей страничке в ФБ, а в твиттере отметил коротко, но вполне ясно: "Dear Yelena Bondarenko, shut the fuck up"

В Фб Биддер объяснил свою позицию. И написал по-английски. Не столько для читателей, сколько для Бондаренко - дабы на это  раз его поняли абсолютно правильно. И добавил - shut the fuck up...

Рекомендую к прочтению - так эту сучку еще, по-моему, никто не опускал.

it's surprising to read that you have severe questions to my russian language skills. You gave a huge interview to the ukrainian website Ukrainska "Українська правда" (and some other media) where you state, that actually, I misquoted you in an interview the last week for SPIEGEL ONLINE ( - because of my bad knowledge of russian. May I remember you, that you had no such concerns when I sat in your Jeep at the 20th of February? We talked for nearly one hour and you said that it is your opinion that the police in Kiev was operating "not hard enough". Some 6 or 7 protesters where killed the day before, that's why I asked you several times how you meant that. You meant it like you said. The guy with you in that car, by the way, kept praising my russian. Oh yes, he was polite, I make mistakes (as in english). But we understood each other pretty well.

When we sat in your car, snipers of the ukrainian special service unit Alfa began what they called an "anti-terrorist-operation". Some 60 protesters got shot to death while we talked. Of course, we had no information about the death toll. We kept talking about the day before. I made this clear in an introdution to our interview, but this was not mentioned by Ukrainska Pravda. I clarified it in an email to the editors.

When I sent the link to our interview to the assistant you where with, he said it was OK. It was "OK" until the very moment the revolution flushed away your party of region chiefs and food soldiers like you rushed to join the newly founded parliamentary majority in search for a cosy place. I've been working in Russia and the CIS for more than 12 years now, so I really understand how difficult your situation is know (as well as that very phrase you repeated 3 times...).

If you had the impression you where misunderstood, you could have just called me. You have my card. You didn't.

I'm really afraid we could misunderstand each other this time as well. That's why I'm writing in english: Shut the fuck up.

PS: This is facebook and this is my private opinion. If anybody want's to quote it, please ask for it - and take the whole text.

На facebook
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